Melissa is a rare fusion of the old school and the new school in her industry. Her years of dedication and amazing talent have kept her in demand, and her creativity has kept her thriving in the age of social media. Magazines like Vogue and Instyle seek out her beauty advice. Diverse brands from Reebok to Opening Ceremony pursue her artistry. And celebrities like the cast of The Walking Dead and Selena Gomez have become devotees of Melissa’s work. Her unparalleled etiquette and refined sensibility continue to stand out in every medium she encounters. Creating looks from strikingly natural and beautiful, to polished and impressive, Melissa’s versatility is distinguished, and her taste remarkable. 

Melissa’s makeup career began young, when she landed behind a makeup counter at age 16. The arts—painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing—had always been part of her life, but makeup became her ultimate medium, and in 2008, led her to Los Angeles. Here, her hard work and natural talent rose to the top. She quickly became in demand to an extensive number of renowned makeup artists. As an assistant, she ended up on sets with illustrious photographers for Vogue, Numero, Harper’s Bazaar, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, and Michael Kors, to name a few, as well as backstage at Fashion Week. Her technique and aesthetic grew immensely, and her own career has followed suit.

Today, Melissa has made Los Angeles her permanent home, where the city provides her with continual inspiration for her work and life.